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Attic Cleaning Experts Near You

When your attic needs professional attention, Attic Cleaning Orange is ready to help. With a service area that covers all nearby towns such as Santa Ana and Tustin, you can be sure you’ll get the best service around. Whether you need attic decontamination, rodent removal or new insulation installation, you can trust your local experts to get the job done.

Removing Attic Insulation

Over time, attic insulation inevitably begins to suffer from wear and tear. This can occur in many different ways, from water and moisture to rodent and mold infestation. Once the insulation material has been damaged it will not be able to keep your property at a comfortable temperature. This makes it harder and more expensive to heat or cool your home or business. Damaged insulation needs to be professionally removed by the Attic Cleaning Orange team, so if you’re nearby in Tustin Foothills or Anaheim simply get in touch.

Installing New Attic Insulation

Whether you own a home or a business, you need to ensure that you’re not spending too much on climate control costs. Energy bills can be expensive, and insulation is essential for keeping them down. Modern materials are more effective and resilient than old ones, and Attic Cleaning Orange provides expert installation services for high-quality insulating material. Your local experts ensure that the attic is fully fitted with no gaps. This gives you the best possible insulation and helps you save on energy costs.

Your Attic Decontamination Experts

Sometimes an attic becomes so badly damaged that it needs to be decontaminated. This can happen anywhere in the Orange area, from Garden Grove to close by Placentia, but Attic Cleaning Orange is on hand to provide a helping hand. By thoroughly cleaning and decontaminating your attic, recurring problems can be avoided. This is especially essential if your attic has suffered from infestation by rodents, mold, or any other unwanted visitor.

Rodent And Mold Removal

Any attic can become home to unwanted visitors such as mold, mice, and rats. In many ways it’s the perfect environment for them, providing a warm and safe space for them to grow in. It’s no good for your property though, and these pests will have to go. Attic Cleaning Orange offers fast mold removal services, which can be followed up with in-depth decontamination to remove spores. Rodent removal can be carried out for mice and rats, which will be taken away from your property. Just as important as removing the initial problem is preventing it from arising again. Mold and rodent prevention seals your attic against these intruders, helping to ensure you don’t find the same problem bothering you again. This is an essential step, so be sure to consult Attic Cleaning Orange with your requirements.

From Decontamination To Insulation and More

Any kind of attic or crawl space-related services you need you can turn to Attic Cleaning Orange for. The team here specializes in mold removal, attic air sealing, and complete insulation replacement. Keep your property as energy efficient as possible and make sure rodents stay away. Call us for emergency services or for a consultation with an expert.

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The ability to increase the health in your home for you and your family should be available to anyone, which is why our experts work hard to provide the very best care in Orange without breaking the bank. We want to give our customers work that they can be confident in, and that will last them for a long time! It's just what they deserve, and we promise to always give it our all.




Thank you for accommodating me and being so flexible about the appointment. I’ve never hired a more professional and helpful company. I couldn’t have dreamt of a cleaner attic.
Carol O'Connor
I'm so happy I called your company to have our attic cleaned and decontaminated. Your servicemen did an amazing job and the area is as clean as a pin!
Autumn Freeman
I want to tell you that your service team is great! They cleaned our attic perfectly and the price was fair and reasonable. I'll be glad to recommend you to friends and family!
Jordan Burns


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