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Protect Your Family's Health

It may not seem like some dust in your attic is anything to worry about, but if it hasn't been cleaned in a long while, this isn't the case. This build-up over time can encourage mold growth, which causes spores that pose a health risk if they enter the lungs. This is particularly a concern for anyone with breathing issues already, such as asthma. Pests are also enticed by a dirty attic, and the waste from rodents in particular spreads diseases that can reach into your home. The dust itself is a health hazard as well, as it pollutes the air by being picked up as it circulates. Allergies can be aggravated, and children and the elderly can be negatively affected in particular.

Protect Your Home's Well-Being

These concerns for your family also pertain to your home's safety as well. Mold can eat away at your belongings, ruin insulation, and damage wood as well as other materials. Rodents will also harm things like insulation and wood to use for nesting and to gnaw on, as will insects. You may be having your energy spending increase due the dirtiness too, because dust clogs up the ducts and makes it harder for air to get through. Thanks to this, air conditioning and heating are both slowed down in their attempts to spread through the home and stabilize the temperature, and they must run longer to keep up. Don't let your energy or your money be wasted. With Attic Cleaning Orange, you never need to worry about it though!

Why Wait Any Longer?

Our technicians are happy to come out and get your attic completely cleared out to remedy these troubles! We use the best equipment, such as a high-powered vacuum, in order to safely suck up all dust and debris and assure that they won't be able to cross-contaminate your home's air. It will all be disposed of safely, and you'll be able to rest assured that your home and family are the better for it.

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