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If you're concerned about whether your home's attic needs cleaning, rodent proofing or perhaps may need up-to-date insulation, just scroll down below and check out our new tips section. You'll find many useful ideas and suggestions from our knowledgeable experts.

Pay attention to your allergies

It may be an odd request, but if you're having a rough time with your allergies indoors, it can be a sign of a much bigger problem. This also extends to any family member with any kind of breathing trouble, like asthma, struggling with negative symptoms. It may mean there's too much dust lowering the air quality, that mold spores are present, or that your crawl space needs to be cleaned out. In any case, taking care of it now will help everyone breathe easier.

Keep your crawl space clean

Your crawl space is naturally an ideal place for animals to call home and begin to nest in thanks to being safe and protected from weather. However, leaving it to accumulate dust and otherwise only makes it all the more enticing for them to use. It also makes it hard to see any signs that pests have been in the area, so they could be hanging around without you being aware of it. Keeping the space cleared of debris and otherwise helps protect against this.

Keep in mind your home's insulation came before you

While the lifespan of insulation may seem fairly long, as depending on the type it can remain viable from 80 to 100 years, you have to remember that it likely was already there for a while before you came. Unless you got your home brand new, or you're aware of a previous owner recently replacing the insulation, chances are it's already lived out a chunk of its lifespan. Don't think that it slowly degrading over time just started when you came!


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