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You can finally find out more about our clients’ problems and how we go about solving them. In order to read about our latest projects, namely attic cleaning and decontamination, have a look at this page.

Radiant Barrier in Villa Park | Attic Cleaning Orange

Radiant Barrier

Customer Issue: The customer’s old insulation wasn’t doing the job, and he decided to try adding something different.
Our Solution: First, the attic had to be partially cleared out to make room along the walls and allow access to the rafters. Once that was done and the surfaces dusted and scrubbed, our radiant foil strips all got bolted into place to form an overlapping layer of chrome. Then, the contents went back in.

Caleb Francisco - Villa Park
Rodent Proofing in Orange | Attic Cleaning Orange

Rodent Proofing

Customer Issue: Mr. Kerwin heard that his new house had had mouse problems in the past, and wanted to take preventative measures against recurrence.
Our Solution: Every carpet and piece of furniture had to be moved to check for holes, and the basement thoroughly searched. Five old mouseholes got the cement and steel wool treatment, the kitchen and bathroom sink pipes received reinforced sealing, and one of the side doors needed a bottom seal.

Jedediah Kerwin - Orange
Rat Removal Project | Attic Cleaning Orange, CA

Rat Removal

Customer Issue: Found a nest of rats.
Our Solution: Our team set up humane, non-lethal traps around the nest in the attic. The rodents that were caught were removed as was the nesting material and droppings. We then cleaned, sanitized, and decontaminated the entire area, and replaced the damaged insulation material.

Stephen Bird - Villa Park
Attic Air Sealing | Attic Cleaning Orange, CA

Attic Air Sealing

Customer Issue: Cold drafts in the attic.
Our Solution: We examined every nook and cranny for any cracks and holes, making sure to seal them tight. In addition, we added new insulation material where it was missing. By the time we were done, the attic was perfectly sealed!

Kenneth Butler - Orange
Radiant Barrier | Attic Cleaning Orange, CA

Radiant Barrier

Customer Issue: Customer was interested in having a radiant barrier installed.
Our Solution: Our customer did some reading about radiant barriers before, but we explained about the benefits as we worked on installing it, some of them being lower electricity bills and better air distribution.

Christopher Brooks - El Modena
Cleaning & Rodent Proofing | Attic Cleaning Orange, CA

Cleaning & Rodent Proofing

Customer Issue: Attic required rodent proofing after recent infestation.
Our Solution: After cleaning the attic of any remains and decontaminating the area, we rodent proofed the attic using special heavy-metal screens. This attic is now safe from rodents for many years to come!

Benjamin Henson - Orange

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